Notes from the Island

The Island welcomes everybody. Every day many visit and thousands pass close by, though few notice it. It is a place of brief encounters, of buried secrets, of moments glimpsed in rear-view mirrors. A brief pause on a journey. The Island has no border controls, no prisons, no buying and selling. Is it a utopia? Perhaps it could be, a sanctuary of non-interference amidst the surveillance cameras. The Island, London SE14 - much more than just a traffic island on the A2, New Cross Road.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Island 1923

Amother picutre from the Exploring 20th Century London collection, showing the Island in 1923.


Christmas Tree on the Island

Trees are rare on the Island, but once a year a large fir appears here, decorated with lights. The locals call it a 'Christmas Tree'.